Saturday, December 27, 2008

Prosterchen, mich kriegt ihr nicht ins Klosterchen

Cheers, you won't get me in the convent! This was the saying that I was introduced to many years ago by these two crazy girls visiting from Germany when we took a camping trip to Innisfail with them and our kids.

Tonight we rekindled this friendship with Steph's mate Rikki who had visited us with her in 1997. She is 6 months pregnant with her first child and looks positively radiant. We caught up with her for coffee and tea after we went to the supermarket in Schorndorf (where incidently you can buy a 750ml bottle of Frangelico for 13.95 euro!).

We had a quiet day today, not waking until almost 10 am - OK OK, you don't get it - it was still D A R K. Then down to Steph's for the obligatory breakfast of fresh, warm pretzels and rolls with parma ham and cheese. Chatting with Steph and Felix and showing him some of the photos from home - hey Hels, the pics of the Koalas in your yard are a real hit here!

Cooked a sate stir-fry tonight using a whole heap of veges - sorely needed after days of rich succulent German foods. And then opened the Gin I had bought on the boat over from England.
Tomorrow we are off to the new Mercedes Benz Museum in Stuttgart and then to dinner with Steph's aunt and uncle at a local restaurant.

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