Saturday, October 17, 2009

It rains in Croatia - it does

When Maya apologised for the cold weather last night as we arrived at Villa Antea apartments, she had better have meant it! Last night got very cold, and today has broken, not only cold, but also very very wet.

Too wet to go far. We sleep late after sitting up and watching movies - IN ENGLISH - it was 2 am when Donna and I snuggle in and after 3 am when Michael does the same. We have some cereal and some bread for toast, but no milk and no butter, so Michael and Donna go to the close small supermarket.

Brunch done we hear the deep throated horns of the cruise liners that come in to Dubrovnik each Saturday on their Adriatic Cruise trips. Maya had told us that there was not much point going in to the old city on a Saturday morning because of the hordes that pour off these ships. So it is almost 1 pm and the boats are sailing away. But the rain has set, so so do we!!!

Michael actually goes back to bed for probably only the second time in all our years together. Donna is reading and dozing alternately and I am blogging (surprise surprise) and playing scrabble.

We cook chicken and veges for dinner and Michael makes pancakes that Donna and I subsequently drown in sugar and lemon juice - hm-mmmm. All rested now - ready to hit the trail with vigour again tomorrow!

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John Harwood said...

Ah, all your writing brings back wonderful memories for me when we toured Croatia in a car and took the ferry down to Dubrovnik. We had car problems too, somebody crashed into our hired car whilst it was parked up and we were in a restaurant. Took us ages to sort things out with the police as we didn't understand each other.

Safe travels,