Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The best laid plans . . .

Just when things looked like they were really settling into some sort of rythym, the best laid plans - start to go awry!

Firstly, the $AUD hits rock bottom at around 30 p and 40 euro cents.

Then Mick tells us that the clutch in the car is rat****. It will cost 600 pounds to repair a car that is worth maybe 500 pounds. We tell him to sell it for what he can get! So, we are now up for the cost of a new car when we get to Europe - albeit a cheap second hand one.

RIP little Nissan Sunny - it was fun anticipating you!
And then the b****y yanks attack a village in Syria - just after we get an invitation to stay with a fellow who works at the Palmyra Tourist Board. I think we should still go - there is absolutely NO travel advisory from the Department of Foreign Affairs and we may never get there again.

Someone asked me last week, how low will the $ have to go before you decide not to go? My emphatic answer was "It won't matter - once you start to make excuses, you will never go" - and we are SOOO determined to do this trip.

On the bright side, the $ rallied later today and has improved to
50 Euro cents and 40 pence to the $.

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