Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Family times before we depart . . .

Well it is really getting exciting.

We had wanted to try to get the immediate family together for a couple of days before we leave Australia. Antony, Amanda and Izabella are driving over from Darwin to the East Coast for Christmas this year, and so when they confirmed that they could leave in time, we started to arrange this in earnest.

Michael, Gen and I will fly to Hamilton Island from Brisbane.
The two mothers (Annetta and Monica) will fly from Sydney to Hamilton Island. We will then all go across to Long Island by boat.
James will go over to Airlie Beach to meet Antony and his family and they will return by boat to Long Island.
James will work 10 days straight to make sure that he can spend the time with us. So....

Today we booked flights and accommodation at the Long Island Resort arriving 9 December and departing 12 December. From here, Michael and I will fly home with our mothers to Sydney and Gen will fly home via Brisbane. Antony, Amanda and Izabella will continue their road trip. And James, well he goes back to work!

The spending of $ has well and truly begun!
These are a few shots we took on Long Island when we were there in April.

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