Monday, January 5, 2009

Washington MkII

My afternoon on the Hop On Hop Off Washington tour gave me a great insight not only to the history of the nation's capital, but also some understanding of the day to day operations of this City and its people.

Suffice to say, with 25 stops I got to see not only all the major attractions, but quite a few of the 'lesser' (it is a matter of opinion!) ones as well as a good smattering of local residential neighbourhoods. These were remarkable in the difference to those we had seen during our train trip down. In this area of Washington the wealth was more obvious - homes are significantly larger, more stately and certainly more individual in style.

I got to cross the Potomac River into the state of Virginia (very briefly) where we saw the Arlington National Cemetery and like the Michaels, I was touched at the respectful solitude that this place, like so many of the Washington Memorials, exudes.

We had only brought the one camera with us to the DC so I do not have any photos to upload here - they are all safely stored in my head!

We had arranged to meet at the White House - B I G mistake in hindsight. There are altogether too many entrances and as the evening slips into night, I decide to jump in a cab and go back to Union Station to wait for the Michaels around 5:45pm. Our train leaves about 7:40 pm so I know they will eventually turn up there!!

Funny, they have beaten me there and Michael (brother) looks pleased when I get there - only to say that my Michael had been pacing, a little worried . . .

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