Sunday, March 8, 2009

Its a lovely 'fresh' day in Wales

So this morning we awoke to an overcast but dry morning. As Michael describes, it is very 'fresh' outside. For the rest of us that means freezing! The ground is wet so it has obviously rained through much of the night.

Michael has had a look at the road which is surprisingly busy. Our bungalow (as the Property Manager describes it) is situated right next to road as it comes out of a bend coming down the hill. Michael says that we will need to drive up to village - not because of the distance - it is only 680 m - or even the 10% slope, but because the road is narrow and has no footpath and with the hill, there is nowhere to get off the road for passing traffic.

The bungalow we have to stay in is just perfect. It is a small 2 bedroom house complete with FULL eat-in kitchen, bathroom and lounge room. It is lovely to have so much space and separate rooms to be in for a while (:-)). We think that it has only recently been renovated and much of the Caerwys View Holiday Park seems new.

We are having a lazy start to the day with the cold and all. There are a number of tourist leaflets and information left here for us and reading them we realise there are some very interesting things to see and do. Had a brunch of french toast as we both slept in past ten am this morning. It also gave us an opportunity to catch up with that blasted Hamish back home.

Had a couple of games of Scrabble on the Internet ( and was chatting with a lady in Yorkshire who turned out to be 80! She claims it keeps the grey matter alive - must be working, she beat me! Wish Mum would get a computer.

The day hovered around 5°C but for the most part was bleak and wet. There were a few moments when we saw sunshine and we were contemplating a drive into Caerwys, but the clouds once again hid the sun and the rain and wind set in again, so we decided we were happy just having a day just doing very little. Michael is watching Fort Worth with Randolph Scott on the tellie and I am having a real scrabble fix and chatting to some scrabble mates!

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