Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Passing muster

Last night got a feed of fish and chips and mushy peas (what is it with mushy peas???) from The Cottage. They advertise a cafe where you can sit down but as we arrived at 8:50 pm they were shutting up - an hour earlier than the Blackpool Tourism site stated - but it is the off season for another couple of weeks. So we brought them back here and ate in front of the telly - good fish and chips!

My girfriend Allyson and her hubby Leith (from Western Australia) have just signed up on Skype and so although we speak and email spasmodically, we spoke and saw each other this morning for about 40 minutes - for the first time in about 15 years. She still looks as young as 15 years ago - hope I am weathering as well!

When we booked in here at the New Kent B&B in Blackpool, it took host Tony all of about half an hour to check out the blog and put a link on his website. He commented later that he hoped we would talk about their establishment as we had with Bryn Derwen in Conwy.

After a very comfortable night (helped along by the couple of whiskies I had while chatting to Tony after dinner) we went down for breakfast at 9 am. And if there is onething the Brits know how to do well, it is breakfast! Now, for all of you in Ozland who wonder at how one of the national dishes of the motherland can be bangers and mash, let me assure you that the English do sausages like none I have ever tasted back home. We settle down to a selection of cereals and juices, tea and coffee, followed by a hot cooked breakfast of plum (canned roma) tomatoes, rashers of bacon, cumberland sausage, fried egg on fried bread (here is a hint - frying the bread means it doesn't go soggy under the egg!) Michael added to this large breakfast a helping of baked beans [sigh] and black pudding. Delicious and a great way to fill the belly before you start the day. So yes Tony and Steve & Joane and Doreen breakfast certainly does pass muster!

We have a quieter day today after a week of pretty constant touring and exploring. Have to post some stuff home (again)! Michael watched an old Humphrey Bogart movie on telly and I caught up with Scrabble. Also found some great accommodation in the Lakes District for four nights from Saturday - but I'll tell you about that later (:->)

I was disappointed though because I have not been able to find any cooking schools in Scotland that are affordable or available at the right time. Rosemary Schrager is available but at £660 for a two day course it is a little out of my league in the budget department.

Got all excited at one point though as I was researching places to stay in Scotland because the Scottish National Trust has a heap of properties available - one being the lighthouse cottage at the Mull of Kintyre - NO KIDDING! Trouble is, they are not accepting bookings until the end of April and we want it in the first week - bugger bugger bugger!! Take a look at it here.

Oh, and for the first day in the 95 days we have been travelling we did not take a single photo - so there! Should have taken the camera with us when we went for a drive right to the other end of Blackpool late this evening as the sunset was even more spectacular that the one yesterday thanks to the sea mist. But Steve and Doreen assure me that if the day is as clear again tomorrow, we should get another mist tomorrow night - so watch out, I will be ready then!

As they don't do evening meals here, we went to a local eatery that was doing a roaring trade. Called Bispham & Cleveleys Kitchens they have been operated by the same family since the 1920s. Fast food but in a pleasant environment. I ordered Plaice and Chips and Michael had traditional lamb roast served with roast potatoes and mashed potato, carrots and boiled cabbage - very traditional fare. We finished with a strawberry meringue and strawberry tart. Wholesome food to stick to your ribs (but last nights fish in the paper wrapper was better)!

Finally got to talk with Michael's mum tonight for the first time in weeks - lately every time we have tried she has been out. Sounds good and happy and is off to a couple of shows this weekend with Michael's cousin Maria so she is like a pig in mud. Also as I finish this Gen is online on GMail Chat all excited as she has an interview with TAFE next week for a position in their Certificate 2 Hairdressing program - keep the prayers going and the fingers crossed!!!

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Allyson & Leith said...

Hi Maria & Michael,

Thanks for the chat last night was fantastic - even though Michael was dancing past the camera - know what I mean! Thanks for saying I don't look any older - cameras lie terribly don't they - you and Michael look fantastic and so relaxed. Very envious. Will catch up again on Skype - technology is a wonderful thing isn't it. Much love and keepa writing Maria - we love it.