Saturday, April 18, 2009

The washing still needs to be done!

It is a joy to be in one spot in a self catering place for a few days. It allows us to catch up on things like washing in a machine instead of a bathtub, allowing us to properly refresh our clothes. It also gives us a chance to sleep in undisturbed, sit on the lounge and veg out with a book and to do some cooking for ourselves. These might sound like the makings of drudgery for you guys, but it allows us to recoup and renew our spirit for the travel. It also gives us the chance to sit down and plan our next moves.

As it is, we had hoped to be in Galipolli for Anzac Day, but given that we had to come back to the UK, we have decided that we should not hurry for the sake of hurrying, but rather see everything we want to see here before pushing back to the continent. So we will be here for at least another 2 - 3 weeks.

We have been lucky to find some great self catering accommodation and here in Edinburgh it is no different. When I sent off an enquiry email to the Hot-el-Apartments I got a return phone call from Kellie offering us a 2 bedroom apartment as they did not have any 1 bedroom ones left. It is huge! And the view from our fifth floor apartment is over the Firth of Forth and the end of the breakwater towards Inchkeith Island, complete with lighthouse!

We bought the latest Patricia Cornwell Scarpetta novel - 'The Book of the Dead' yesterday while at the supermarket and now it is a race to see who will finish it first! Like no contest!! Between that, getting up late, the International Scrabble Club, Facebook and movies such as Goodbye Mr Chips, Carry on Admiral and Some Like it Hot, we've had a great lazy day apart from the washing Michael did. And now I am about to tbe treated to an old time favourite - crepes with lemon and sugar - yuuuum! See you tomorrow.

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