Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The changing colours of the day

Monday 29 June 2009

Gosh, not having access to the net is driving me crazy. Not only can I not publish the blog, we are trying to get in touch with Steph to let her know that we are heading closer to her and Felix and try to arrange a weekend with them somewhere.

This morning dawns bright and clear in true mountain style for this time of the year. As the early morning cloud burns away in the sunshine you can hear the melodious bells from the few cows that are still in the valley. Mike tells us that most of the cattle have already been moved to the summer pastures higher up the slopes.

I got up at 6:30 am and got a few amazing photos and then went back to bed, getting up again at 8:30 am for another couple of pics. Michael however slept until just after 10 am. We have planned a day of nothing! After the drive of yesterday, I am happy not to get anywhere near the car today! The sun on the patio is like a warm jumper just waiting to be put around your shoulders. Sarum beckons, and the sun. I will look like a bronzed Aussie in time for summer when we get back!Breakfast (ha ha, more like brunch!) is late and light – nothing heavy, nothing cooked. Muesli and fresh apricots and cherries. And a cup of peppermint tea.

The local population are busy with the construction and renovation of the local chalets. We even get to observe the Doppler affect up close. A couple of hundred metres away there are some workers putting a roof on a new chalet. We watch the hammer fall and hit the timber and a second or two later, we hear the knock on the wood – echoed against the hills. How cool! Oh, we think that we must make the local population honorary Aussies – all day they do the famous Australian salute – the flies and mozzies are thick. Guess the flies because of the cows, and the mozzies because it is moist and warm!

Mid afternoon I take the opportunity to put my feet up and my head down. Ahh the bliss of an afternoon nap – a yiayia nap! Michael heads in to Manigod to try to get some provisions for dinner. The only place he finds open is the tourist office and at least he is able to get some information on the local area including on the walks in the area. Manigod is one of four small villages in Le Massif des Aravis, les montagnes du lac d’Annecy. (The Aravis Mountains, the alps by Lake Annecy). The others are La Clusaz, Le Grand Bornand and Saint-Jean de Sixt. And from here, well, a little further around, you can even see Mont Blanc! So we will plan the week to take in at least one walk – albeit one of the easy ones. Michael can do one of the harder ones on his own!

The store is closed as per all the rest of France – but here it is until 4pm! We will go down to Thônes tomorrow for more provisions – especially some more vegetables. And although Thônes is only 10kms down the mountain, it will most probably take us most of the day to get there!
Exploring time coming up.

And still no net connection – forced rest (with a grimace).Stir fried veal for dinner tonight followed by toasted fresh bread and honey –yum. We have finished dinner and cleaned up (well Michael did) by 8:15 pm – the earliest in about 4 months!! And the night is starting to show its colours. The sky has gone from that pale blue at the end of the day, to one cloud streaked and pink tinged. Then we get the yellows and purples. And finally the blue deepens shade by shade and the half moon picks up the last rays of the sun, building to a pearl shine high above the peaks. And in the last light of the day, the vapour trails form the planes soaring kilometres above us have the final bit of light on the closing in night.

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