Thursday, June 25, 2009

A day of almost nothing

I actually wasn't going to post to the blog today - we had a very lazy one. I finished yesterday's blog while Michael read and later we copied some of our photos for our new Romanian mates Diana and Lorena.

But then Les got back from Vin Expo and announced he had arranged another winery tour and tasting. We all went in two cars and as I was driving out behind Les in his Mercedes V12, I realised that I had not yet told you about him and his cars. Les has three cars - his Citroen 2CV, Ford Laser and the 2003 Mercedes-Benz 6.0lt E V12 sedan.

Now, I had had a go at Les the other day about the gas guzzling Merc and in retort he volunteered that the Merc was more, much more than just any gas guzzler. This car used to belong to the Nigerian ambassador and has bullet proof glass - now, why would Les be interested in bullet-proof glass? Maybe it is because he drives his Citroen like a man demented! No where to hang on, and you really do need to (although I'll be the first to admit that driving in that Citroen with Les is great fun! - just don't tell him I said it was!!)

This afternoon we go over to the Chateau le Cône where we see their new processing plant and vat store and then taste three reds. From here it was off to dinner - with seven of us trying a new restaurant. The food was nice, but the desserts were sublime. Michael of course astounded everyone wit his ability to eat an entree, main (finish both of mine) and then polish off the largest profiterole dessert you have ever seen. We are back at Villa St Simon around 1:30 pm - just enough time for a cognac before we go to bed. An early start in the morning as we are off to Le Medoc to the Chateau Moutin Rothschild.

And as I am getting ready to sign off one of my Scrabble mates sends me a message that Michael Jackson is dead. wow. Turns out that Farah Fawcett also died today.

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