Thursday, August 6, 2009

Planning, planning, planning

We spent most of today planning our next month. We needed to do this because by not planning, we have come north east of where we want to go next - a move that will cost us some time and petrol.

We really want to see the town of Český Krumlov in south west Czech republic - I had though it was in the north east. So I kind of stuffed up a bit, but it is not all bad because we will see a little more of southern Czech Republic getting there. Could only be one hitch - there is a big international Music Festival on there at the moment and rooms are at a premium. Bugger - should have been there from last night - being the middle of the week it would have been easier. Oh well que sera sera!

So, after consulting our trusty AA Atlas, our Lonely Planet Eastern Europe and Western Europe guides, and Kate and her TomTom route planning software, we finally decided on the route we will take. We will travel through the Czech Republic, Poland, Northern Germany, to Amsterdam, Brugge in Belgium before I leave Michael in Béthune in France and meet up with Hels in Paris! I know it sounds crazy - but it is do-able. Only 3,164 odd kilometres in the month!

And then I hit the internet to first find, and then book accommodation. And as I upload this at midnight, I have only managed to get confirmed bookings as far as Auschwitz done with requests out for Krakow and Warsaw. Hopefully they will be confirmed in the next 24 hours.

We are leaving here after an early breakfast in the morning to have a look at Brno before we head over to Český Krumlov. And wait till you see where we are staying there! This aparthotel (its a new category of accommodation) is quite nice. A four room apartment that is cleaned daily. It has a small kitchen (and Michael cooked again tonight), two bedrooms with a sitting area in each and a bathroom. But you can't get this sort of apartment everywhere yet. We've been lucky enough to get them a few places. Accommodation is expensive at the moment as it is the European summer high season and a lot of Europeans are travelling at the moment - especially Italians and Polish mainly.

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