Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Domodossola - the dead?

Today was one of those unplanned (and unwanted) forced rest days.

It did however, give us some time to work on getting some of the blog updated. Yes, yes, we know it was four days behind, but that is one of the consequences of travelling in difficult terrain - sometimes the internet connection is poor or even non-existent! Gosh, how different this trip would have been even a few years ago before the world of blogs, Facebook and Skype were everyday.

Michael went down to the mechanic to be told that it is the engine immobiliser that is caput! Morte. Dead. And while fixable, the part must come from Germany - at least 2-3 days. Bugger. We later learn that it will be next Monday before we can hope to have the car ready to go. Hmm. What to do, what to do?

There is no way we want to sit here in this industrial city that feels rather soul-less. That is probable a bit harsh as one of the staff here at the Hotel Internazionale tells us that there is quite a nice old centre to the city, but really, we just don't want to be here. Michael susses out hire car options - thank goodness, there is a garage on the other side of the hotel that does hire vehicles.

So we spend some time also changing our accommodation booking on Lake Maggiore and planning to go there tomorrow - no point in sitting her with nothing to do for another 5-6 days! We will just continue our trip in a slightly different way!

There is a restaurant at the hotel 'Plaza Del Toros' but it is run by different people. Only open for 2 hours a night, they are indeed very busy. They seem to cater to the local population and to commercial travellers who stay at the hotel. And while the food is honest, clean good cooking, it is let down by the lacksadasial attitude of the staff who casually throw cutlery and food across the table, already on their way to the next task.

No pics today guys!!

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