Wednesday, August 30, 2017

A quiet day doing domestic stuff.

Up early to get Steph to the hospital on time.
There are a lot of roadworks (what is new) and so we need to make some significant detours.  It feels like it takes forever - can only imagine how poor Steph was feeling.

We come home and Michael walks up to the local Bäckerei and for a change, buys croissants. Croissants and coffee. Yummo.
When we get back, the men are here fitting the external venetians on the bottom floor windows. This, combined with the electrics that Tomas completed last weekend while we are away, the towel rails and the hanging of the paintings and photos by Felix and Steph brings more and more closure to the move into their home. Its looking good guys, really good.

Michael puts a load of washing on (the laundry is down in the basement).
I checked this morning. We can bring a total of 4.5 litres of alcohol home, but only 50 grams plus two open packets of tobacco / cigarettes. Poor Michael.
I'll be up to Edeka later in the week to buy some of both!!

We are heading back to the hospital as soon as the workers finish so we can be near for when Steph is discharged and she doesn't need to wait too long.  The children are visiting Oma and Opa and will come home Thursday or Friday morning - depending on how Steph does post surgery.

We make a short stop at the "Himmelsgarten" of the Landesgartenschau - the site that hosted the State Horticultural Show in Schwäbisch Gmünd in 2014. Michael climbed the 38.6m tower (of course) and got some pretty nice photos of the surrounding village and countryside. There are also some really pretty cows with lots of small calves nearby.

We eventually collect Steph about 2:30 pm and Michael takes a walk to the supermarket to get supplies for a stir-fry for dinner.  In fact, I'm about to go get it now.
Cya later guys.

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