Friday, August 4, 2017

Moving house can be cathartic

Being on holidays means that you can don't need to watch the clock.
We rise later today and enjoy breakfast on our own.
I get chatting with the hotel owner. Turns out that he has operated the hotel since the death of his father in 1975 and he had followed his father into the hotel business. The building is a former farm and only dates back to the 1870's - so quite new by European standards.

Before going over to Steph and Felix's we head back up the hill to visit the Burg Hohenrechberg ruins. Only they aren't. Ruins that is. Well, there are some parts in ruin, but there is a great part of it that is not in ruin, and more is being restored.Driving up from below, the runious side is more evident, but when you get up to the site, you immediately see how much has escaped damage, and is being restored.

A castle on this site dates back to the 13th Century, with what is now standing built between 1599 and 1648.  This was a prime defensive spot with views across the surrounding territories for hundreds of kms. 

The remains are in remarkably good condition, a testament to good materials and great workmanship - and with none of today's modern tools!
The defensive tower with it's hoarding still stands, complete with gun slits, cannon portals and murder holes!  How barbaric we can be when we feel threatened. The timbers holding the tower roof are all original and remind Michael of the tower roofs of the great cathedrals across Europe. Whole trees are used in

the support poles and even the bracing.  Where parts of the castle are missing, etchings show how it would have been in operation - the kitchen must have been a sight to behold! There are pieces of fancy masonry showing that even back then, we ladies like to have pretty things to show our status!

Back at Steph and Felix's, the packing for the move continues. They are super excited at the moment as today the kitchen starts to be fitted. Many months ago Steph asked me whether she should get a steam oven and of course I said yes!

Today, Felix is on leave for the next week to help with the packing.  Lunch is huge to feed the working men - leftover chicken and strawberries with veges from yesterday and Maultaschen (rolled or folded pasta bags with a hearty filling of meatspinachonion and soaked stale bread) and Kartoffelsalat (potato salad).

Getting ready to move to a new home provides the opportunity to cleanse the family of gathered 'stuff'! Both Steph and Felix are being very strong.  BUT, then there is Felix's Trekky memorabilia.He gladly gives up the VCR and tapes, but is having trouble letting go of his large poster.  And to his delight Niklas claims it for his bedroom. This results in a cuddle and "Mein son" being warmly exclaimed!!

I'm flaking fast and just after 2 head back to the Hotel for a sleep.  There are a lot of people having lunch in the courtyard, and even though I have no appetite, it smells wonderful.  We have booked in to have dinner here tomorrow night - so will have to curb my food intake to allow for ample indulgence!

Michael stays to help Steph and Felix fill more boxes, coming back down to the hotel just after 6 pm.
Dinner too smells amazing - but neither of us is hungry!  Plenty of people are dining which promises well for dinner tomorrow.

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