Thursday, February 26, 2009


Very quiet day today just catching up. Did three loads of washing and drying - have I mentioned the dual washer/dryers - very interesting appliances.
Michael did grocery shopping and I played scrabble on line for a while!

This evening we went to my cousin Anna and her husband Gary's place at Bracknell in Berkshire. We had planned to drive and were copying down the directions from the trusty Earth Google and following the route to determine landmarks etc. I commented to Michael that it was sending us into London City (it seeks the most direct route) and then at one point it directed us to 'go through one roundabout'. When I zoomed in it was Trafalgar Square - yep, we were to travel through central London in the middle of peak hour! A change in plans and we prepared quickly to go by train!

40 minutes in a queue to buy tickets, 20 minutes into Waterloo Station and another hour to Bracknell - but there were no navigating disasters or stressed people!

Anna made a fantastic Spag Bol (I need to get her recipe!) with pasta, garlic bread and a yummy raspberry cake to finish.
I took a bottle of Yann and Florence's Cantinot 2006 Bordeaux vintage.

Comments from Andreas Larsson (Best Sommelier of the World 2007) on this wine are:
Elegant nose, dark berries, tobacco, dry spices and cigar box, the palate has a good concentration with dark fruit, plums and firm tannins, well balanced with a high freshness. Really long persistence , should develop very well.

We ended up on the final train back to our station and walked in the door just before 12:30 am. Tomorrow we are off to sort the registration out on the car and to find someone to fix the camera - wish us luck.

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