Monday, November 2, 2009

Do water and phones mix?

Rain, rain go away
We are trying to re-pack
And while the weather is this wet
To the car we do not want to go back!
(yeah yeah I know, she's a poet and don't she know it!)

Yep, that wet stuff is falling from the sky again - and just as we are doing the swap-a-roo with all our stuff. Winter clothes in one suitcase for now, summer clothes in another suitcase for when we get back to Australia and 40 kgs - yes, you read right 40 - to be posted in two boxes from Germany direct to home. That makes a total of 80 odd kilos for the two of us plus incidentals such as the laptop (precious, my precious), the cameras and carry on stuff!

I spend the first half of the day copying the balance of our photos on to DVDs as a backup to that fantastic present that they gave me when I left work before leaving last December - the external hard drive. Total to date = 76,348! Then it is down to those blasted suitcases. It takes us most of the afternoon to sort things as to where we need or want them to be. And still the rain persists. Late in the afternoon, it eases enough for Michael to get the whole lot down to the car (he still gets wet though) in readiness for posting tomorrow.

And tonight I am AGAIN trying to connect with Zuji long enough to change our airline booking. Now that daylight saving is finished here and active again in Australia, its a real pain - and THEN factor into the equation that their Call Centre is in India! Each time I have called in the last three days, the phone line has dropped out and when you phone back, I sit in a queue - until the office shuts and so does the phone system. grrrrrr Not good, but then we have ALL seen those photos of the phone lines in India haven't we!

I tell you what - when I was working in the travel industry, we had to work hard to make sure we kept our existing clients - they made up a very significant percentage of all sales. Seems that that level of service has slipped somewhat lately. I know that I am sick of sitting in a queue listing to a recorded message telling me to "Please hold. Your call is important to us and you will be served by the first available consultant" every 30 seconds for more than 20 minutes at a time. Listen up Zuji - for an online travel agency THIS IS NOT GOOD ENOUGH! Will need to work very hard to convince me to use your services again.

So, here I sit after midnight waiting for a call that was supposed to be returned about 5 minutes ago. The consultant said she could not guarantee to get back to me in the hour - it depends on their call load. I had to explain that in Gernmany it is already in the middle of the night and I am already sitting up waiting, well passed the time I would normally retire to bed. Lets see who can hold out the longest ...

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