Sunday, November 15, 2009

Heading for home ........

OK Australia - Get ready! HERE we come!
Our flight was booked with British Airways, but we are actually on a Qantas flight. That is quite prophetic don't you think! We depart Heathrow Airport near London at 11:05 am on Sunday 15 November and arrive in Sydney at 8:20 pm Monday 16 November (
local times) with a refuelling stop in Singapore. And we are travelling on one of the new(ish) A380-800 Airbus planes.

Michael and I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the people who have made this trip so memorable for us. Whether you are employed by one of the accommodation houses we used, a staff member in a restaurant or just a local who spoke with us, you have all had a huge impact on us. It is definitely the people who have made this holiday such a wonderfully enriching life experience.

Of course there are plenty of amazing things we have seen and done that are memorable too - and you know what is exciting? We have had the telly on over the last few days and there are so many places we can say we have been to that we are seeing across a whole range of programs. Cool huh!

See you next in Sydney!

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