Thursday, November 5, 2009

Munich to Magdeburg changes the scenery

Bernd must be really really quiet in the mornings. We didn't even stir when he got up and it is 7:40 am when we finally rise. Not wanting to disturb Ricki and Charlotte we creep in to the bathroom and have quick showers so that it is free when the little family needs it later.

By the time we come out, Ricki is up and we hear Charlotte gurgling in their bedroom. A much happier little girl this morning. They live on the top of an apartment block about 20 minutes walk from the Sendlinger Tor where we were last week. The apartment is large and airy with huge exposed beams and lots and lots of light. It looks out over the rooftops and onto the statues high on a neighbouring church.

And guess what? From here in the centre of Munich, on a clear day, they can actually see the Alps over a hundred kilometres away. And today is one of those clear days! It is an amazing view. They are currently looking for another apartment on a lower floor. This one is at the top of four flights of stairs and it is hard with the little one and any bags or other stuff. I think though that there is much about this one that they will miss when they finally find another.

So its Michael's turn this morning to do the baker dash. He returns with a great assortment of rolls - oh, how we will miss the European breads. Ricki has set out fresh cheeses and meats including some amazing hard goats cheese that they bought from a farm in Italy. Then there are the jams that includes her own peach jam made this summer. Mmm very nice Ricki - well done! We linger, just chatting.

Charlotte is tired after her restless night and so she is put back for a nap. This gives us time to have a look at Ricki and Bernd's wedding photos - looks like it was a great and fun day, even if it very unseasonally snowed. Here in Germany they usually have two services. The compulsory civil service that is generally a smaller ceremony and then if wanted a church service with the big she-bang party. And surprisingly, often these are held many months apart. Ricki and Bernd were married on 17 October and will have their church service next May! Anyway, she was a beautiful, radiant bride and Bernd looks as though he was bursting with pride. Then came the Charlotte photos and we of course reciprocated with the Izabella photos! Of, and of the other family members too (he he he). It was nice to have the Long Island photos from our trip there all together just before we left on this big adventure of ours.

We had checked on Earth Google for the time estimation for the next leg of the trip to Madgeburg - 4 hours 46 minutes. Kate however estimates it at 5 hours 32 minutes! Egads. We don't get away until 12:45 pm, so it could be a latish arrival, and after dark.
But the trip is uneventful and the roadworks must be nearing completion as our trip was about 5 hours. On the autobahn we do travel a little faster than normal at around 130-135 kph, but it is false economy to go too fast too long - the car just gulps. I guess though, that if you are driving the latest big BMW or Merc 4WD or the latest Porsche or Mazzerati (saw 2!) going well over 200 kph then the least of your concerns is the cost of fuel!!

We travel in and out of rain, through forests and over rolling hills. This more northern part of Germany is just as picturesque as the southern areas, even if the landscape is more 'sedate'! The late autumn afternoons have a wonderful light to them that makes the deepening skys glower while the colours of the season beneath them just shine out. A little further en-route this power plant with its huge concrete towers is caught by the last rays of the sun as if to scream at it (and us!) "use your brains, solar is clean energy!". It sure sticks out like a sore thumb on the horizon!

We make Barleben just outside Madgeburg just before 6pm, although it is well and truly dark by now. The Hotel Scahen-Anhalt lies just off the motorway and is handy for a visit not only to the water bridge but also to see more of Madgeburg. The room is a nice size and they have a lovely restaurant that is quite busy. We agonised over our selections, but not for long!!
Geräucherte Entenbrust an Orangen – Ingwerkompott und marinierten Blattsalaten (Smoked duck breast on orange-ginger compote and marinated leaf salads) Michael
Kürbiscremesüppchen mit gerösteten Kürbiskernen (Crème of pumpkin soup with fried pumpkin seeds) Maria
Geschmorter Rehkeulenbraten an Apfelrotkohl dazu reichen wir hausgemachte Schmelzklößchen (Braised leg of venison joint with red cabbage with apple and potatoe dumplings) Michael
Schlemmerpfanne a la Stroganoff vom Schweine und Rinderfilet mit Spätzle (Pan with fillet of pork and beef refined with onions and sour cream, served with Swäbian noodles) Maria
Feiner Quarkstrudel mit Zimteis (Delicate cheese strudel with cinnamon ice cream) Michael
Pfannkuchen mit Himbeer-Püree und frischem Obst (Pancake with raspberry puree and fresh fruits) Maria

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