Tuesday, November 3, 2009

These boots just couldn't keep on walking

Well, after waiting for phone calls all night with one ear and one eye open, this morning I arose feeling cranky as I phone Zuji back AGAIN. Once again I get that all-too-cheery call on waiting message. grrr But then, joy of joys, Kilash answers the phone. He was the first agent that I spoke with on Friday. He tells me that the agent did try to phone me back last night and as he is again checking availability now that we know all our options, the call drops out again. I had asked him to phone me back if we lost contact this time, so when it happens I take the opportunity to check the phone number I have given them and shock-horror, soon realize that it is Steph's old phone number. Ooops.

Anyway, to cut a long story short, Kilash is on the ball and checks the contact I had left on the original booking and so phones the mobile. Of course, it is almost flat so I have to put in on to charge while we talk. Why can't anything be easy??? So now, it is all over. Done like a dinner. We are booked to come home. Rather bittersweet really. Miss our family and friends so that will be nice, but we have made so many new friends and I am sure there are still plenty more to make!

Oh, the details??
Depart London Heathrow 11:05 am Sunday 15 November (local time)
Arrive Sydney 8:20 pm Monday 16 November (local time)
We will spend a few weeks in Sydney and Newcastle visiting the Mums and call in on the Brisbane folk on our way home.

Now though, it is time to go and say goodbye to Mutti and the Mucz family so we drive down to Schorndorf to see them all. Its a work day, so we don't tarry too long. When we get to Mutti's most of the family is there for lunch. Final hugs and the tears flow. But somehow I don't think it will be too long before we are back. A last photo and off we go.

Today is the day to buy Michael some new boots. We bought a pair when we were in Germany in January and finally they have split. But he has literally walked all day every day in them. Up towers, over stiles, on the 'cat's heads', under the edge of waterfalls and over craggy rocks. He has stretched in them and crouched in them. They have been sodden and dry and dusty. So do they owe Michael anything? Nah, I don't think so! Someone mentioned that they come with a 12 months guarantee, but somehow I think we would have a hard time claiming against it! Anyway, he wanted another pair exactly the same so went back to the Larca store near Schorndorf and he got his Meindl boots, so now he is a happy boy!

And this afternoon we headed into Schwäbisch Gmünd to post a load back to Australia - two boxes each a tad under 20 kgs! Gosh, anyone would think we have been away for a year or something!

Steph and Felix have Green Day concert tickets in Munich tonight (yes, we are not the only ones who drive three hours to see a show and then return in the same night!). Felix had to work, but Steph has had the day off with us - nice sharing time. We stay in and cook pork cutlets and veges. Tonight I am tired, so I won't be sitting up for Steph and Felix, but no doubt Michael will. Goodnight all. Tomorrow we head off to Munich in the early afternoon and to see Ricki and her new husband Bernd and their little daughter Charlotte.

So, the count-down is on. AUSTRALIA

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