Friday, July 3, 2009

After the storm

Well the thunderstorm last night was fantastic. It tore up and down the valley throwing bolts of light out every chance it could and grumbled loudly about being trapped. Finally when it had finished crying its heavy load of tears out on the hillsides, the clouds were again light enough to drift high, up and over the mountain tops so that it could escape. And no doubt in doing so, they collected enough water to again vent their anger on the next valley!

I didn't get a good night's sleep last night - my calf muscle cramped all night. The price I am havng to pay for always using it in the same position - changing gears up and down, up and down while in the mountains yesterday!

Today Michael is doing a tidy up of the car, taking the opportunity to give it a good clean out before we head off again. Gen has finally got the hang of Internet Scrabble and so now, when we are both online - wow.

After the rain last night, the farmer who cut the grass on the block right next to us (literally, as there are no fences!) yesterday is back today. I wave, he nods as his hands are busy at the controls of his tractor. First he uses a mechanical spinning rake that just aerates the grass and a little later he is back on his cabined tractor with another rake that sweeps only to one side, thus making 'lines' of piled grass. Rather that go in shorter lines across the steep slope, he choses to do most of his work up and down the slope - he is more game than I would be - I mean this is seriously steep! And a little later, there is another tractor/truck with a bin on the back that goes over each of the lines and sweeps the grass up. All very efficient!

We know that we are not going to have access to the internet very easily in Grindelwald, so I also spend some time looking at where we will head after that. As it is peak season here - summer and the school holidays, we will need to make bookings in advance for the next couple of weeks. Gosh, Switzerland is SO expensive.

And this afternoon it built to storm clouds yet again, but after a few little spots trying to damp us all, it just blew over!
Lucky me - pancakes with sugar and lemon for dessert tonight!!!

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