Friday, July 17, 2009

Getting ready to go again

Good on you Tanja - thanks for emailing me all the menu items we had last night - I couldn't remember them all when I was doing the blog. So for the benefit of everyone at home, this is what we had:
Our menu

Gai Saté
vegetarische Teigtaschen
Masaman 2*
Pad Thai
Fisch in rotem Curry
Ente in Ingwer
Huhn mit Cashewnüssen
...and this is the link to the web album:

Today is spent trying to sort out the car.
From here we are getting ready for when Hels joins us in Paris in September and so have decided to send some stuff home - like the clothes that we have not yet worn - I mean, if we did without them this long, then we dont need them at all! And before any panics and tells us not to forget that it will get colder - please remember that we arrived in the winter!

After emptying the car we went to the supermarket - we are cooking dinner tonight and Michael has promised Steph a Creme Caramel. And of course she doesn't have full cream mik, or cream in her fridge! Got the loveliest pork loin to roast and a good range of veges. Both Michael and Felix eat to their heart's content and then when Steph arrives home from a work barbeque we are ready for dessert. After dinner we open the bottle of Citron Pastis that I bought in France - but no one is really keen on it - me either. I prefer the original and they prefer neither! Oh well, I will take it to a barbie we have been invited to on Sunday (at Tanja and Deitmar's place) - maybe someone there will like it!!

So this is something of a record, not a single photo today - enjoy the respite!

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