Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Wouldn't a storm be wonderful

BIG ANNIVERSARY - DAY 200 on the road.

We have not had access to the internet for the last couple of days and for much of that time I felt like my right hand had been severed. Laugh if you must, but we have become so used to being connected back home, that without it, life takes on a new look! Sure, it means that there is the chance to chill out and read or watch a video (yep, video, no DVD here) but to be honest, I don't think I could live without it any more.

And of course, there is the blog.
It has become bigger than anything I could have expected. What started out as a way to take our friends and family on this amazing journey has developed to become the official record of our trip. As I have said to many of you, that without this as a reference we are getting places and events confused all the time! But now it seems to have grown way way beyond that.

We have so many people following our trip that I feel that I can't let any of you down which, in a roundabout way means that I won't get lazy and not write and therefore that record for us will be complete! Unlike my last trip to Europe when I began to keep a diary but when I was handwriting tomes, I got that far behind that by the end of the second week I was only up to day six! But this time it is so much easier (partly because I can type so much faster than handwrite) and I can also download the photos and add them to the blog at the same time. And those photos just keep on coming - yeserday was an 800+ day! So yes, you are only getting a snippet!

So today was spent putting the blog in order. I had written much of it in Word, but not all. There was also the opportunity to catch up with Gen, DM and Donna on Skype. Oh yes and I played a few games of Scrabble with Gen. Anyone want to join us? Well, register at and add me as a buddy (my handle is mtcar0). Let me know if you do and I will add you also so we can see when each other is on. Love it!

This morning was sunny and warm but by lunchtime the clouds were building, the air pressure dropping and it was cooling and by 4 pm it looked like we might be in for a thunderstorm - cool! But by 6:30 pm it had all blown over. Pity, I would love to see the mountains in a big storm. Chris and Mike tell us that at times they have watched up to three storms across the mountain tops and they concur that the mountain storms are brilliant. We had planned to do one of the local mountain walks this afternoon, but the impending weather put an end to it for today. Hopefully though before we leave on Sunday.

We are barbequing tonight - our first since we left Australia all that time ago. Its funny what you miss when you see it or have it again for the first time. Sure, the sausages are beter, much better, than most at home, but the smell of the barbeque being prepared did draw out the heart strings a little. Michael says he misses his kitchen and his barbeque (his kitchen??). But really, we wouldn't miss this experience for anything. Can't buy it says Michael!

Off to do some more sightseeing tomorrow - not sure if it will be Italy (Turino) or Switzerland (Geneve and Lausanne). Let you know tomorrow night!

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