Saturday, July 18, 2009

Packing for home

OK OK don't get your knickers in a knot -
don't get too upset,
or too excited!

We are not coming home yet - just sending excess clothing and shoes and books and more tourist stuff home in readiness for Hel's (and maybe Donna's) arrival in September.

When we left Australia we had two suitcases full of clothing - we had packed the maximum because we knew we would have a car and that we would be here for all seasons. But really, we have brought too much. Sure, the winter was cold (but not freezing) and if you layer well, you don't need clothes such as driza-bones! So we now have a box packed to nearly bursting and about 14 kilos to send home by DHL. It should only cost us about €20 - €30 and probably wont take all that long. It will certainly beat us home.

We cooked a pork roast last night with all the trimmings and it certainly seemed to be appreciated (:->) Michael even made a Creme Caramel for dessert. And then after dinner I opened the bottle of Pastis Citron. Anyone who wants it has only got to come and take it! Neither Steph or Felix liked it at all, and me? Well, I wont buy another bottle - I'll just stick to the original.

This morning I was up early (8 am) so I could link up with James on Facebook because I had not spoken to him for so long. But Michael got the times wrong and so I sat waiting for him to appear for 2 hours! But it was worth it because when he did log on we messaged back and forth for the best part of an hour and then I persuaded him to load Skype so next time I can see and hear him as well! Makes a big difference. He has finished his studies and is now a qualified chef - GOOD ON HIM! He finishes on Long Island at the end of the month and will spend the next couple of months VFR (visiting friends and relatives in travel speak!) all over the country - first to Brisbane, then to Maryborough, then to Adelaide, then to Cairns and finally to Darwin. Hasn't decided what to do finally after that - I reckon he should come to Europe while he is young - lots of work and everyone seems to love Aussie workers!

Amanda and Antony are home in Maryborough for a couple of weeks after a holiday in the snow with Micah and Amanda (cousin and his wife). Amanda's brother is getting married next weekend. Gen is enjoying her precious time with Izabella who does little else but chatter chatter chatter and walk walk walk. She is growing up so quickly! Gen's hairdressing course at TAFE is going well too.

It is still raining and paints a bleak look for the day. After breakfast this morning we sat and chatted before leaving around 1 pm to go and visit Steph's cousin Ulli, her husband Andy and their twins Anneka and Mara. When I see the girls I am amazed at how much they have grown in just six short months. Steph on the other hand went to visit Mutti in the rehabilitation unit. Anja (Ulli's sister) came up to say hello too and it was lovely to catch up with them all. Anja, her husband Thomas and their boys Marius and Mario are going to north-east Germany at the end of the month for a motorhome holiday - and it will be about 3 weeks too early for our time there. Funny how things work out.

After spending a couple of hours with them, we decided to go and have a look at SchoWo - a local festival (Schorndorf Week). Hang on, where are the cameras???? At Steph and Felix's. So being the dumb Aussies we are, we drive the 20 odd kilometres back to get them and then drive back down to Schorndorf! And where do we get to park? No, not miles and miles away (she says with a grin) - in the main side street one block from the party! Yep, thats our car at the front of the photo.

The festival is really only getting in to swing when we get back at 5:45 pm. It reminds us a little of the Pub Crawl - everyone goes from tent to tent drinking beer. No really it is more than that - lots of food stalls, kids rides, restaraunts with special menus, a market, 'adventure' park, and a number of bands. And BEER. Including a one-metre beer - actually 10 glasses of beer in a timber holder.

There was one band where the singer was styling herself after Pink - and they were obviously a young persons band - very loud. And a few blocks away we find one much more to our decibel and musical liking - The Rock n' Roldies. All 60s and 70s music. They were great. And just like Rotary and Lions sell foods at the various events back home, the local sports clubs do the same here. So of course we support them! We get 'dinner' there - wurst and schnitzel rolls and frites (but I cant some at the lashings of mayonnaise they add) plus an apple juice for me and an alcohol free pilsner for Michael (that tasted terrible!) And because the rain persists and it is now only 15°C, we head for home a little after 8pm.

The road signs here continue to amaze us. Like the deers that jump 2.3 kms. What, oh, Michael thinks that means that we must watch out for them for the next 2.3 kms. Silly me ha ha ha!! And then there is this one that not only gives car and truck maximum speeds, but also tanks! Tanks? Here? Gee - we haven't seen any yet.

Tonight Michael has discovered Felix's DVD collection and is having a movie-a-thon! I on the other hand look for accommodation in Munich and for tours etc. Nice and quiet night. These couple of relaxing days are doing us wonders.

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